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IOS Specialist Client

Interested in an IOS Specialist client? Vote and leave feedback here on which form factor (tablet or phone), and connectivity (LTE or WiFi) you prefer.

103 votes
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    Instant HousecallAdminInstant Housecall (Support Specialist, Instant Housecall) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Wendy BuchanWendy Buchan commented  · 

        Yes! That would be incredible because I use both!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        IOS app plus instamthousecall software for Mac would be awesome.

      • Andy RynbergAndy Rynberg commented  · 

        Would love to see an IOS client for phone and ipad. I would use on wifi and lte and would be able to take care of a client immediately and not make them wait until I get back to my laptop.

      • Dan WilhelmDan Wilhelm commented  · 

        It would be very helpful and save a lot of time and money(therefore I can pass the savings along to customers) if there was a Instant housecall iOS app. I have an iPhone and iPad and would be a great ease to just whip out either one and use for a quick connect issue.
        The end user is happy and will call again then.
        I want to thank you in advance 1 for all you have giving techs like me and all you are going to do for us also..

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This would be invaluable to have an IOS client for the IPhone / Ipad. RemoteApp is not as easy to setup on a workstation as you'd think.

      • AndresAndres commented  · 

        I'm very surprised there isn't an iPhone app. In fact, disappointed. Please make this a priority.

      • princessprincess commented  · 

        iPad w/LTE and wifi, please! Any update on this?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would LOVE an IOS phone client. It would be immensely helpful when I have to give quick support to someone; like installing a printer or restarting a server. I already enjoy Instant Housecall, but this would put it over the top!

      • AllanAllan commented  · 

        I'm in the trial right now and definitely it's the lack of an iOS app that's holding me back from committing to buy.

      • Jerry MancusoJerry Mancuso commented  · 

        Lack of iOS is the only think holding me back still with LogMeIn.

      • JoeJoe commented  · 

        iPad would be great

      • Andrew D BootheAndrew D Boothe commented  · 

        The iOS version for iphone on wifi would be very convenient in a pinch.

      • Instant HousecallAdminInstant Housecall (Support Specialist, Instant Housecall) commented  · 

        I understand this is a very high priority some folks. We've been doing some roadmapping, and I want to share with you where this stands.

        As an Android and iOS owner myself, I want to see this on new platforms as much as anyone.

        For the past year, we've been re-doing a lot of the "plumbing" on the back-end. The new back end lets us make way for some very cool features.

        We've been working on this transparently so you and your customers experience zero disruption.

        Since it's mostly back-end, this is one of those rare circumstances where it's difficult to do parallel development.

        We want to deliver new features to you as quickly as possible. The new platform will help us deliver those features to you at a significantly faster pace.

        From a practical standpoint, it doesn't make sense to re-program everything twice -- once for the old plumbing and once for the new.

        As with anything, timing is everything. We need to devote our resources to the new plumbing and to the upcoming release of Windows 10 at this time.

        In short, it's this dependency that's holding this up. I know the next question is going to be when. I can't commit to a specific time at this moment.

        The good news is that there are options.

        If you're running Android or iOS today, you can run the modern Windows app on your Android or iOS device.

        Using RemoteApp, the Instant Housecall modern app will look as if it's running on your iOS or Android device seamlessly. Details about RemoteApp here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc755055.aspx. If you want to try RemoteApp without the steps to install Instant Housecall, you can try Microsoft apps on RemoteApp here: https://www.modern.ie/

        The other option of course is to buy a Windows tablet and tether it to your phone. At this time, I'd suggest giving a serious look to the Surface 3. It's Intel-based, so you can run both legacy and modern apps, with an compelling pricetag.

        I know that RemoteApp and Windows tablets aren't perfect solutions for everyone. I know that there is a strong demand for native apps for other platforms. I can promise you this: whether you use RemoteApp on iOS, Android or run natively on a Windows device, no competitor's app will even come close. Screenshots here: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/instant-housecall-remote-support/1dfc2db9-9a52-4cff-b71f-a19c846fcd28

        I sincerely thank everyone for their feedback in these forums, by e-mail and by phone. Your feedback helps us build a better product for everyone. We couldn't do it without you. If you have questions, you are welcome to reach out to me directly any time at corey@instanthousecall.com.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Any updates on this proposal? It's annoying having two remote software programs to support customers. Hopefully we will know something soon; otherwise I'll need to switch RS software, again.

      • builtbymombuiltbymom commented  · 

        Yes, please please please. Exactly what Russ said...it allows you to do a few quick things when necessary. If I am out of town and can't spare the room for a full laptop, at least having an ipad app would be fantastic. I'd give 20 votes to this if I could!

      • Raul VarelaRaul Varela commented  · 

        Agreed this is pass due. we need this

      • RussRuss commented  · 

        I have used LogMeIn on an IPad giving afters support without getting out of bed and turning on computers. I guess I expect most software to run from ios these days. I dont just want remote software to run on ios I need it to.

      • DeVoshayJDeVoshayJ commented  · 

        An IOS client is long over due. I'd love to see both form factors with both connectivity options. As a Sprint customer with unlimited everything for $65 (or any of the other value priced unlimited providers) mobile connectivity is no longer a major concern so LTE is a very viable option.
        I currently use Teamviewer on both my iPad and iPhone. I've created myself a read only link to my support apps via Dropbox which allows me to copy/paste that link to a clients system and download those apps for malware remediation. That has been my way of providing service when I'm totally mobile and don't have access to IHC.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We don't all use windows! An iPad/iPhone app would be fantastic. Both LTE and WiFi

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